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My beta readers have finished their work, ripping my story apart and picking over it word by word. I’ve been left with the pieces and a few loose threads to pick at and hope that the whole thing doesn’t unravel.

This might be a little disheartening, but having gone through this process before I know the story will be all the stronger for it. And I’m up to the task of stitching it all back together, putting ointment on the wounds and sending it out into the world ready for whatever faces it.

But when will that be?

The Martians Return on

March 31st, 2022

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The biggest danger facing Perseverance

While the protagonists of my novel have any number of dreadful adversaries to counter - Martians, cultists, saboteurs - the Perseverance rover has a more mundane enemy.


The primary mission of the rover is science, and part of that science is to sample rocks and sand from the surface of Mars to look for life. Unfortunately the samples are blocked up as some rock got into the mechanism and it’s stopping things from moving.

Nasa has a plan, though - click through to read about the ingenious solutions they’re dreaming up for when a bit of grit gets in the works millions of miles away…

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A broken war hero. A fae invasion. What if Snow White was a beauty vlogger? A dozen retellings of the ancient myth. The Martians are coming back…An unofficial sequel.

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What might our first encounter with alien life be like?

It’s pretty well assumed that if (and I choose to believe when) we find life on another world, we’re much more likely to find bacteria than anything more complex.

The movie Life speculates on what might happen if we mistakenly think that we’ve found a small and harmless organism, when it fact it’s something rather nastier…

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